“Rape Culture Exists Here Too”

“Rape Culture Exists Here Too”

In today’s Daily Princetonian a guest article appears in which the author shares the story of her sexual assault on campus and calls for readers to interrogate rape culture on campus. We highly suggest you read the article online.

It is a brave statement. The comment section, however, does much to prove the author right with regards to attitudes towards rape on campus. Much is blatant trolling, and yet the general tone of denying the author’s experience is truly disturbing. This is the climate that we must critique. This is the dismissive and harmful culture that we must fight to change.


“The first thing you have to realize is that you have NO EVIDENCE that you were raped by definition.” (‘not brave, just lies’)

“”rape culture” is a stupid buzzword that infantile, Jezebel-reading, shallow-thinking, misandrist Feminazi’s throw around to support their delusional narrative (funny that these girls themselves would never have to worry about being raped because they’re so ugly, I dare you to find a hot Feminazi, but that’s another story).” (‘no there’s not you idiot’)

“You sir are my hero. Thanks for speaking out against the lies so vigorously perpetrated in our society.” (‘this!’ in response to the comment above)

“Don’t tell me that a girl who is blackout drunk and gets herself into this situation isn’t going to be provoking the guy in some way” (’17)

“What I am categorically against is dressing up female irresponsibility and and female passive-agression as rape; the two are very very different things. When people say things like “rape culture” it reflects they are out of touch with reality and probably suffer from some sort of White Knight syndrome that comes from listening to female propaganda. . . . Feminists have hijacked the word “rape” to mean something much more broad than the heinous act that it is” (‘the logician’)


A Call to Action!

May 1st is fast approaching! You are encouraged to join us for the final portion of this project.

WHO: Any Princeton student who agrees with the ideas of Praxis Axis.

WHAT: A sit in! While a recording of our manifesto is playing.

WHEN: High noon on Thursday May 1.

WHERE: 1879 arch.